Turn your testimonials into instant social media posts.

Instantly create and schedule multiple social media posts from each testimonial, making the most out of every single review you receive

Take advantage of your customer reviews

Everything you need to instantly create beautiful testimonials

Simply copy in your quote and generate multiple beautiful testimonials in seconds

Best Practice

A better way to show customer satisfaction

Simplify the process of sharing customer testimonials on your various social platforms and ensure you cover the following:

Purchasing Behaviours

Purchasing behaviour says over 80% of customers seek out reviews before buying. If a customer were to land on your social channel, would they think about happy customers?

Maximize Use

A good testimonial isn't always easy to come by, it's important to maximize the use of each. By creating various unique visuals for the same quote and scheduling them out over a longer period of time you can ensure that you're making the most out of your efforts.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Every business can benefit from testimonials. Our goal is to help you highlight your customer satisfaction.


Good for anyone that wants to quickly get testimonial designs


  • No sign up required
  • Create and download testimonial files
  • Access to limited testimonial templates
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Perfect for any business that consistently needs to share reviews


  • Create and download testimonial files
  • Schedule testimonials to social media
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Access to all of our testimonial templates (gif, video, etc.)
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our team and we will get back to you right away!

    • Can I create multiple testimonials?

      Yes, you can not only create multiple visuals for the same testimonial but also copy in multiple reviews. All for free!

    • How far in advance can I schedule testimonials for social?

      You can schedule up to a year in advance.

    • Can I select the frequency of my posts?

      Yes, you can choose when to start posting the testimonials and how frequently they should follow thereafter

    • Is it a bad idea to share the same customer review?

      No! If a review is altered to look unique and spread out appropriately then the use of the same testimonial can be extremely effective.

    • Can I connect another company to my account?

      No, you have to create a separate company in order to schedule out testimonial posts

    • Can I change the colour of the testimonials?

      Yes, you can add your brand colours as well as your company logo to ensure the posts are personalized.